Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clear and present danger to the children

The NY Times article mentioned below drew this comment:
Caf Dowlah, New York
The problem is not with the parents who are fighting for custody. Barring some parents who want to exploit rich spouses by gaining custody of children, it is usual for a parents to seek custody of their children. The problem is precisely with the Courts. I spent four years in a custody battle at Queens Family Court (QFC) of New York without expecting justice or fairness even for a day. The NY Court officials, at all levels, know it. When I was looking for a lawyer, many lawyers told me point blank, the QFC judges will not give custody to a father, unless mother is a murderer and even drug-addiction wouldn't disqualify a mother from custody. And the so-called experts! It is their way of making a living. They will file false reports and give false testimony in order to tow the line of the judges--otherwise they will lose business. Then B18 lawyers? They get appointed by the judges, and their service is at the disposal of judges--they know what side of bread to butter. It is my experience that children's interests never matters in custody decisions unless the parents are extremely rich and powerful. Ordinary folks see justice in textbooks, newspapers or televisions, not in their own lives. Family Courts, in my humble opinion, are clear and present danger to the children, to the American Constitution, and to the commitment of American people to Rule of Law.
That is also my humble opinion.

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