Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Judge waits for the report

I just got out of court. The court was supposed to have received the Dr. Inkblot report, but the judge said that he had not yet seen it. My ex-wife's lawyer asked for 10 extra days in her papers, but asked for 2 extra weeks orally. She had received the report, but said that she didn't know whether they wanted to file a written brief commenting on it.

So the judge ordered us to come back on Oct. 11, with briefs to be filed by the 6th. The judge had apparently already read my comments on the report. I said that I'd like an opportunity to respond to any brief that she files on the 6th. The judge said that he'd rather just have one document from each of us, but that I could supplement my remarks if necessary.

Then my ex-wife's lawyer tried to get the judge to promise that no custody change would take place on the 11th. She acted as if there was no need for her to say anything, except for my outrageous demand for 50-50 custody. The judge said that no, he probably would order a change to 50-50 custody if the report recommends it. Then she quickly tried to argue that the report does not recommend 50-50 custody and that it says we cannot co-parent. The judge said that he'd have to read it for himself.

So now we'll have a judge trying to interpret a psychologist's interpretations of how my ex-wife and I interpreted some inkblots, and we'll get a custody ruling based on that. Anyone who is unhappy with the outcome can demand a trial with live witnesses, as I understand the law.

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George said...

Refusing to co-parent has been a winning strategy for her so far. I just hope the judge sees thru this nonsense.