Friday, September 09, 2005

48 million Americans under court supervision

I found this US Census data:
* In 2002, an estimated 13.4 million parents had custody of 21.5 million children under 21 years of age whose other parent lived somewhere else. About 5 of every 6 custodial parents were mothers (84.4 percent) and 1 in 6 were fathers (15.6 percent).

* In 2002, 27.6 percent of all children under 21 living in families had a parent not living in the home.
I figure that there must be another 13.4M noncustodial parents to match those custodial parents. Adding the numbers of custodial parents, noncustodial parents, and children, I deduce that there are 48.3 million Americans who are under the supervision of the family courts. That is an astoundingly large number.

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HeligKo said...

I am now of the opinion that this is the purpose of family court. To supervise us. The federal courts won't touch family cases, so they are free to impose just about whatever they want on the people who come before them, and they do it in the name of children. This is a dangerous place for both men and women in this country. Right now the kids are used to indenture the men to the mothers, but they are not limited to this. I do hope people wake up soon.