Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dr. Laura on fathers

I just listened to Dr. Laura on someone else's radio show. When asked for some typical advice, she mimicked a caller and said in response:
It is a horrible thing to do to a human being to intentionally rob a child of a father. ... The polarity of the masculine and the feminine is necessary for healthy psychological development.
Now here is what puzzles me. My ex-wife used to listen to Dr. Laura every day. She said that she agreed with everything that Dr. Laura says. That is unusual, because most people find Dr. Laura to be an over-opinionated know-it-all.

Now my ex-wife is doing everything that she can to rob our kids out of having a father. She has betrayed all of her professed beliefs.

The judges, psychologists, and lawyers are also guilty of participating in this "horrible thing". Dr. Laura is correct about the value of fathers. Her opinion is not radical. It has been conventional wisdom for thousands of years, and it is confirmed by the latest psychological research.

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