Monday, September 05, 2005

Congress should abolish VAWA

I found this comment on a mailing list:
I realized that the whole purpose and function of VAWA [federal Violence Against Women Act] is to redefine "violence" in order to bootstrap garden-variety domestic disputes and relations into claims of so-called violence, thereby giving women extremely powerful legal tools to punish men for failing to pick up their socks or take out the garbage.
I had assumed that domestic violence shelters served a legitimate purpose until my ex-wife showed up in court with an advocate from the Walnut Avenue Women's Center. The whole thing was a sham.

I have since learned how it works. When a women goes to a divorce lawyer like Jennifer J. Gray, she immediately gets the hard sell on how to make domestic violence allegations. Miss Gray told my ex-wife that her lame and phony allegations would be taken more seriously if they bribed the local Women's Center to stick up for her. Promoting phony accusations is bread and butter for these women's centers, and the lawyers exploit them.

The federal VAWA law is up for renewal, and most people don't realize how the law funds spiteful divorce actions and phony accusations. Congress should kill it. In my case, the domestic violence accusations where not even what any normal person would call domestic violence. They were just petty and trivial gripes that no sane woman would ever utter in public.

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Anonymous said...

Its a sick joke that the US Justice department is responsible for ensuring no male in the United States receives justice when it comes to domestic violence.

I got arrested for throwing a plastic cup through a window pane ( I was in the room by myself at the time) after having an argument with my wife. To my surprise when I arrived in jail, 5 of the 9 male inmates in the jail also had domestic violence charges against them. What a sick joke.

It is such hypocrisy that this country criminalizes its (male) citizens over such trivial and one-sided rules while it is so crimminal, corrupt, immoral, lying, undermining and completely paid for by special interest groups like the ones supporting VAWA.

May God Damn the United States of America for not having better processes for filtering out such garbage legislation.