Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dr. Laura supports fathers

A reader saw my item below on Dr. Laura, and points out that Dr. Laura does take a very good stand on fathers and fathers' rights:
In the face of enormous opposition, California Senate President Pro Tem John Burton (D-San Francisco) has decided to withdraw a bill which would have granted custodial parents an almost unlimited right to move children far way from their noncustodial parents. ...

Popular outrage--including over 2,000 calls, letters and faxes to Sacramento as well as wide media coverage--was generated by radio talk show hosts Glenn Sacks and Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Sacks, who launched the campaign against SB 730 on his July 11 broadcast, said:
Everybody told us that, given the political landscape in Sacramento today, we couldn't win. I guess everybody was wrong. The proponents of this anti-child legislation portray those who value the bonds between children and their noncustodial parents as fringe elements with little support. But could their groups generate over 2,000 calls and letters? I doubt it. They're not the mainstream, we're the mainstream.
Here is Dr. Laura's 1996 rant about the California court decision that let mother move the children away from fathers for the most frivolous reasons. The page is maintained by a Laura-hating feminist, but Dr. Laura is correct in what she says about that decision. It was a terrible decision, and we are fortunate that it is not good law anymore. There are kids today who only get to see their fathers because of the good work of Glenn Sacks and Dr. Laura.

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