Friday, September 23, 2005

Inkblot results

I just had another meeting with Dr. Inkblot. The main purpose was to discuss the results of my psychological tests.

One test had me scoring unusually high on "compulsiveness" and unusually low on "antisocial". He admitted that the test looked inaccurate as some of the conclusions did not sound like me at all. I am not very compulsive.

He took the inkblot test very seriously. I figured that he was just using it as a screening device for schizophrenia and other serious conditions. He seemed to have a lot of confidence in the test for identifying personality types and modes of thinking. He patiently explained to me how some people see people, animals, plants, things, actions, etc. Some people think more analytically, and some people more emotionally, and this is reflected in what they see in the inkblot. He runs the data on a computer program which prints out a detailed report. The analysis depends not just on what I see, but how I see it and what importance I attach to various aspects of the inkblots.

I felt a little bit like I was getting a psychic reading.

He said that the report is confidential. I guess he doesn't want me posting my ex-wife's psychological analysis on this blog. I have no interest in personally embarrassing her. I just say what I have to say in order to defend myself against charges that ex-wife has publicly brought against me in court.

He promised to have his report finished by next Monday. Our next court appearance is Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that the essentially random and often biased conclusions and recommendations of shrinks are used by the courts to take away our kids !

George said...

You are correct.

Anonymous said...

I thought the inkblot test had been discredited and abandoned by the US system. Clearly not.

George said...

I thought that the inkblot test has been discredited also. A lot of custody evaluators in the USA are still using it.