Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Extracting attorney fees

There is one thing that my ex-wife's lawyer will pursue more doggedly than depriving children of their fathers, and that is attorney fees. I just got a 46-page filing from Miss Jennifer J. Gray which attempts to ask the judge to reconsider an attorney fee order, and to order more attorney fees.

It is 46 pages! Her motion for sole legal custody wasn't even that long. I've now paid her $20,000, and that is not enough for her. She now claims that the judge made a mistake in only ordering me to pay $20,000.

On page 2 of her papers, she credits me with already having paid her $65000! She says that her motion for me to pay $40,000 was after my payment for $6,5000, and separate from that. In reality, I had paid her $6,500, and I had to pay her another $13,500, in order to comply with the order. The precise wording of the order was:
3. Attorney's Fees:
A. Respondent is ordered to pay Petitioner's attorney's fees in the amount of $20,000.00. Said amount may be made in installments of $5,000.00 per month beginning June 1, 2005. Payment shall be made to Bosso Williams, APC, P. 0. Box 1822, Santa Cruz, CA
Respondent is credited with $6500 in attorney's fees.
The wording is a little awkward because Miss Gray wrote the first 3 sentences in an attempt to get me to pay $20,000 over an above the $6,500 that I already paid. The judge wrote in the last sentence to make it clear that the $20,000 includes the $6,500 that I already paid.

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