Thursday, January 01, 2015

The system cannot be reformed

I started this blog just to vent, and maintained it for 2 reasons: (1) to publicly defend myself against false accusations in public court, and (2) to protest the family court and support a movement to reform it.

I no longer think that the system can be reformed. That is what I learned in 2014.

The reasons are long and complex. I once thought that if people knew how the family court and CPS work, then they would recognize the gross deprivations of basic rights, and obvious harm to kids. But I have posted the most outrageous stories, and found that many people do not necessarily agree with me. Support for political reform has not materialized.

The political trend is to make things worse. The leading candidate for President in 2016 is Hillary Clinton, and she is known for being a feminist First Lady and writing a 1996 anti-parents-rights manifesto.

Maybe someday we will have a French Revolution, but I will be escaping to another country if that happens. The family court and CPS officials are all scum, and deserve to burn in Hell. I cannot think of a single one who is worth saving.

I noted last year:
The men's rights movement seems to have split between the reformers and the drop-outs. The reformers want to change family law to give a better shake to fathers, and use political action, persuasion, social science research, etc.

The drop-outs sometimes use the phrase Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). The idea is that if marriage is a lousy deal for men, then the simplest solution is to just not get married.

Henry Laasanen describes the split slightly differently, and says that the manosphere is divided between the traditionalists, equalists, and individualists. So the reformers could seek a return to the traditional family or an egalitarian society, and the individualists go their own way.
I am no longer a reformer, and more of a MGTOW:
Men/Man Going Their Own Way.

MGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be.

It is saying that, as a man I will not surrender my will to the social expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile against masculinity.
If my previous postings have not convinced you that the system is hopeless screwed, then I doubt that I can convince you.


Anonymous said...

George, I hope that you do not quit your excellent blog. I wish for your reunification with your lost children. Be well, Chris

Anonymous said...

the 'system' is well beyond repair. MGTOW makes sense. The more men opting to gtow the quicker the system will collapse.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the only “reformers” that ever get any attention and legislative action are those advocating for more government involvement. The whole family court system is set up to benefit those that run the system and they are the ones that will be consulted at both the local and federal level when any new “reforms” are considered. It works exactly as they intend and both those that think they benefit (AKA useful idiots like the women that use it to nuke their husband/family) and the general public believe that the system is there to protect vulnerable children and women. Even men self-immolating on the footsteps of the courthouse will not change it, nor will violence since those that do perpetrate attacks against the system are always painted as the bad guy by the mainstream press. And in fact they will intentionally distort the facts as one news website did just recently when it referred to Thomas Ball as an arsonist that tried to burn down the courthouse!

This is a money game and the feds have heavily incentivized the behavior we are seeing as well as money from the state and (of course) the men forced to pay child support and/or alimony. Plus the private sector companies and psychologists and other strap hangers that feed the beast by various kickback/bribery scams. So if you want to ever have any hope of reforming it you have to get rid of the money, if no one can profit from it then no one will care and they’ll pretty much leave you alone. But good luck achieving that.

As you can tell I’m somewhat of a fatalist but I do not see any hope in reforming the system, it has to collapse along with the rest of the socialist/fascist government that we have here in the US. If they can’t pay for it or force you to pay for it then the human termites infesting the system will die off. There really is no other way, just talking to people at work confirms this, those that have not been exposed to the grinder have no clue and really are not interested in hearing about it, those men that have will whisper agreement but are (mostly) too afraid of the system to do much more than that.

You’ve done good work with this blog but would suggest that, unless you can monetize it in some way that makes it worth your while, that you keep the blog active but at a lower level of activity that is sustainable over the long term. You might also try and refocus it as a resource for those just entering the “grinder” to help the few that have their eyes opened navigate their way through to minimize the damage they will suffer. This will hopefully prevent you from burning out. Take care and I pray that someday in the future God will make you and your relationship with your children whole.


Justin said...

I found the same thing out a few years back. The root problem is, men just don't care, at all, about other men. Men read about other men getting screwed over, and they secretly rejoice in their hearts. A men's movement is impossible. Men are only interested in screwing each other over and taking each other down.

It is a failure of culture, and a failure of intelligence. It is the reason why lotto tickets are such huge business. Everybody things they are the lucky one. They think bad things will only happen to the other guy.

Like when you mention polygamy to the average guy, he is like "oh yeah, that would be awesome". They are too effing stupid to realize that one guy having four wives means three guys have NONE. The average dumbshit thinks it is a great idea because he visualizes himself as the guy having the four wives, not one of the three who go without.

Our popular culture has been non-stop vilifying men since the 1970s. I don't see it turning around anytime soon. You can talk facts and laws till you are blue in the face, but no body gives a shit, because they are too dumb to appreciate such abstractions as family law, and they hate other men in their hearts anyway.

HeligKo said...

I don't think the reformers are done yet. I do think the more government types are getting public attention, but I simply didn't think much about the issues until I was facing them. I came from an intact family with a strong father as the leader. One think I learned through my personal interactions was that men 10 years or more younger than me were much more likely the progeny of divorce, and they were more prepared for facing that in their own lives. Like so many things in the law, it will take another generation for the damage done so far to be recognized in any meaningful way by the law makers. Those in their 20s and early 30s right now will be the leaders then, and they are the generation who seems to get it. I just don't know if we will make it there without collapse as a country. Its blogs like yours that helped prepare me for the inevitable and to not just accept being a loser from the start, but force the system to make me a loser. Sure its not ideal, but does leave traces for others to learn from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the blogging you've done. I'm sure many have grown thanks to your efforts. I know I have.

I used to be a traditionalist and was very romantic. That part of me was effectively destroyed by gynocentrism. I'll never again marry nor cohabit. I don't even date. Once I found out how badly "the game" was wrigged, I lost interest in playing,.

Fortunately, we were married only a short time and had no children. She tried to take as much as she could financially on the way out - and she lost. Thanks to the MGTOW blogs I found online, I leaned my lesson very well and very quickly.

Whatever traces of naivete, illusions or enchantments regarding love and marriage that existed within me have been effectively annihilated.

Marriage is a multi-billion dollar business. Divorce is a multi-billion dollar business. Marriage benefits women. Divorce benefits women. Men are disposable ATMs.

I once was blind but now I see.

MGHOW for Life

The Disposable Male

Anonymous said...

I found your blog researching child custody issues. I was going through similar insanity in the nearby Monterey County Court. Now, I don't agree with all of your opinions. I do agree the system is completely unfair, I stand with you on that point. I've gone to the psychologist for an eval, 2 different evaluators. Followed each and every order and all the carrots. The judge made unlawful rulings, even with an attorney representing me. None of my efforts made any difference. When I was following the experts assigned to me my children suffered. Then blamed me for having the children under too much stress. When I followed my parenting instincts the experts scoffed me and eschewed my parenting style holding the upper middle class life of "helicoptering" on a pedestal. It is truly a sad state. Even after losing custody and moving to another state my son now in middle school tells me I'm the only one he trusts. Still hurts

George said...

In my opinion, your parenting style is your choice, unless the state bans some particular parenting style.