Friday, January 30, 2015

Liberal philosopher law professor mind at work

Brian Leiter is a philosopher wannabe who became a law professor, and spreads his stupid liberal opinions on philosophy, politics, law, and ethics.

He writes:
The only exceptions to mandatory vaccination schemes should be for health reasons...

...but in crazy California you can get not only "religious" exemptions, but "philosophical" ones, not by having an argument, but simply by checking a box.  Perhaps if Child Protective Services started taking kids away from the idiot parents who don't vaccinate them, California would cease being the measles and whooping cough capitol of America -- and can polio be far behind?
I post this just to show the typical academic holier-than-thou Obama supporter mentality at work.

The main obstacle to eliminating polio was a Barack Obama decision. While he spent 6 months dithering about approval for a raid against Osama Bin Laden's compound, he approval a plan to use CIA spies to masquerade as polio vaccine workers to try to get a fingerprint or DNA sample from bin Laden. Once this got exposed, Afghans and Pakistanis think that polio vaccination is a CIA plot. 65 public health workers have been murdered as a result.

Leiter does not criticize Obama. He regularly posts name-calling rants against Republicans.

Californians used to be able to get out of vaccine requirements by something like "checking a box", but the law has recently made it more difficult. Vaccination rates are higher than reported, because some parents say that they are opting out only because they do not have the documentation for the vaccines received.

You would think that a law professor would advocate a change in the law, if he disagreed with it. Or at least find out what the law is before he comments on it. But no, he would rather use CPS to take kids away from parents in order to enforce a social policy.

He seems to have contempt for the idea of parents exercising their legal rights by just checking a box. If it is indeed a legal right, then why not just check a box?

Liberals hate parental rights.

The measles epidemic is grossly exaggerated. There are millions of cases all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. It was eliminated from the USA, and only comes back in from foreigners. The current outbreak is from foreign tourists at Disneyland. If vaccination is so important, then why don't we demand that foreign tourists show proof of vaccination?

Why does American law give more rights to foreigners than to Americans?

Here is the official California measles data: There have been 79 California cases, of which 52 are attributable to Disneyland. Most of the cases are adults who have no vaccination requirements. Stiffening vaccination requirements for school-aged American kids will have no effect on adults getting measles from foreigners at Disneyland.

Just look at that guy. Does he look like a guy who believes in individual rights? No, he cannot even hold his head up straight. He looks pathetic. He is a left-wing authoritarian who wants everyone to conform to his stupid beliefs. People like him disgust me.

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