Sunday, January 11, 2015

Divorcing wives wants bigger boobs

London news:
For most couples caught up in a divorce the prospect of dividing the property or making arrangements for the children are more than enough to worry about.

But for surprising numbers of British couples one seemingly unlikely expense is being viewed as an essential part of the separation process - plastic surgery.

Divorce lawyers have noticed a marked increase in seperations involving significant expense on cosmetic surgery including cases where the wife spends a significant slice of the initial settlement on treatments such as liposuction and breast enhancements.

One such firm, JMW Solicitors, based in Manchester, says it now handles dozens of such cases every year.

The firm, which handles about 300 separations annually, calculates that between five and 10 per cent of its caseload over the last three years involved cosmetic surgery.
I don't know what the reasoning is here. Is she trying to become more competitive in the dating market? Is she trying to make her ex-husband jealous? Is she more interested in pleasing an imaginary boyfriend than her husband? Is she mad that her husband did not buy her that stuff during the marriage?

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Anonymous said...

3 months before my divorce my ex put 4K on our consumer credit card against my wishes to increase her breast size. I did not consent because of the pending divorce, but because I, as a man, knew I would be stuck paying for them at the trial. What do you think happened? Of course it did. Not only did I catch my wife cheating on me (which caused the divorce) but now I am paying for her tits for her new 'boy-toy'! Is there any better example of how the courts are bias against fathers? There is a very good reason it's called 'mothers-court'