Monday, January 12, 2015

Marriage is a Feminist Institution

Most of the efforts to regulate family life come from left-wing feminist authoritarian types, while Christian conservatives usually believe in parental rights and family autonomy. But you can find bad ideas among Republicans and conservatives also. Dalrock explains:
Ballista74 shared a youtube video where Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family explains why marriage is important.  The title of the video is “Marriage is a Feminist Institution”, and the caption on youtube reads:
“Research shows marriage is what truly has done the most not only to level the playing field between the sexes, but to actually shift the balance of power in women’s favor.” Surprised? Watch this video!
The video is over an hour long, and the message of the lecture is that women are naturally moral while men are not, and therefore we need to put men under the leadership of women.  This is, Stanton claims, how God made us and how marriage should work.
Dalrock is a Christian red-pill blogger. That means that he is a practicing Christian, and he believes that Christianity and marriage are good for society, but he also follows the science of human nature, and squarely recognizes male-female differences.

Focus on the Family was founded by psychologist James Dobson. It is non-denominational, but obviously Christian-influenced in everything the did. Several years ago it had some sort of coup, and kicked Dobson out. Now its mission seems to have changed.
In Stanton’s view women’s sexual desires if left to express themselves naturally will automatically bring about both sexual morality and good men. Stanton offers up the example of the feral boys in Lord of the Flies. All those boys needed, Stanton explains, was one girl to set them straight:
It is like Lord of the Flies. I mean, I love that example, if you’re familiar with that story. There’s all these little boys, and they just turn into savages. ...
This isn’t just bad theology, it goes against what secular scientists observe as well. Women’s sexual/romantic desires aren’t divining rods leading the way to righteousness. Women left to their own devices will tend to fall for the rogue over the upright man, although they will rationalize to themselves that it is because the rogue would make a great father. In our post sexual revolution era women spend a decade or more picking the men they are attracted to before confining themselves (if only temporarily) in marriage. If Stanton’s view of female sexuality were correct, our current generation of young men would be the best mannered in history. But well mannered men isn’t what we have received with young women calling the shots. What we have instead is a generation of douchebags. If you want well mannered men, then make sure young men need to impress the woman’s father to be successful. If you want douchebags, leave the choice up to the daughter. ...

In stating this so openly Stanton gives us an excellent opportunity to discuss our sick modern Christian culture with our fellow Christians. These ideas slithered into Christian culture over decades, so we shouldn’t expect to overturn them quickly. But we should try wherever we can, as it is cruel to deceive young women by telling them they are morally superior, and cruel to families to inject subversion and strife into Christian marriage.
It is nearly impossible to escape these cultural changes.

This idea that women are more moral than men is pretty crazy. Eve was the one who talked to the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit in Genesis, not Adam. Women of low morals are doing more to harm the USA than anyone. It is rare that you ever even hear a woman express a moral opinion, except to parrot what someone has told her.

I am not trying to reform anyone anymore. I am just pointing out that it is not just the feminists who are working towards a matriarchy.

Here is the Catholic Cardinal of St. Louis Missouri in an interview:
Sadly, the Church has not effectively reacted to these destructive cultural forces; instead the Church has become too influenced by radical feminism and has largely ignored the serious needs of men. ... The Church becomes very feminized. ... The introduction of girl servers also led many boys to abandon altar service. ... The culture in which we live is bankrupt and young men, especially, recognize the brokenness of the culture. ... Fathers are essential to the family.
He was demoted last year for remarks like this. He is an old-school Catholic, and the feminists hate him.

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