Monday, January 26, 2015

Reader goes his own way

Since saying that the system cannot be reformed, I have attracted some MGTOW readers:
I make a ton of money. I have a high net worth. I'm not married. I don't have kids. If it weren't for feminism, the incredibly simple, care-free, easy life I live today might not have been possible. My estate is willed to men's charities.

Women have nothing to add to my life but the opportunity to have sex. Sex with most women bring (1) the chance of contracting an incurable STD, (2) the chance of a false rape claim (cause I'm not calling her the next day or next week), (3) the chance of an unwanted pregnancy, where 'my body my choice = your wallet', (4) the emasculating 'privilege' of living with a woman, (5) the pressure to get married and (6) giving a natural parasite the opportunity to transfer my wealth to themselves through divorce and/or other forms of civil suits.

Feminism helped men a lot more than it helped women. The only reason men are still getting screwed en masse is because all of media promotes a 1950s view in men's thought processes. Most of the messages sent to men in the media are still promoting white knight/captain save a hoe/gynocentric mentality (i.e., man up/get married). If you can somehow wake men up and remove the illusions, enchantments and false beliefs regarding women (i.e., teach them the true nature of women, hypergamy, etc), then you're going to have a lot more single, happy men.

All of the above is why the MGTOW mindset is so very beneficial for men. The MGTOW mindset undoes all of the false social programming that destroys men. MGTOW thinking frees men's minds.
I have come around to your view, but I do not agree completely.

We would be a lot better off if the mass media really promoted a 1950s view of the family. That was when the man was the responsible head of household, the wife was loyal, and the kids had respect. Feminists have succeed in reversing that from a good thing to a bad thing.

There are millions of American women over age 40 who would give anything for that 1950s family life, but they do not seem to realize how feminism has made that difficult. Some can still get what they want in one of the religions that still believes in marriage (Catholic, Mormon, Orthodox Judaism, Eastern religions).

I do agree about white knights. That is one area where the mass media pushes men to do foolish things.

Want proof that the system is anti-men? Read State tells Detroit man: Pay for child that isn't yours or go to jail! I posted this story before, and the man is still facing jail.

Michigan law must be really screwed up to let this happen. While this guy gets no relief, the Michigan lesbians pictured below got their case to the US Supreme Court. You can read more about them and the other couples in the same-sex marriage case here.


Take The Red Pill said...

I became a Man Going His Own Way long before there was such a thing as MGTOW. And it's not because I hate women, but because I respect them -- the very same way that I also respect rattlesnakes, toxic waste, and high-voltage electricity.

Anonymous said...

This is going to come across as cruel and may offend, but is nevertheless our modern reality. It's not my intent to offend, but to make people think. Teach your sons well. We live in misandric, overly gynocentric times. Now more than ever, it's clear that men and boys are disposable.


My favorite thing about married men: Watching them drown in desperation and despair, their futures destroyed through divorce, after years of telling other men that being married was so wonderful.

My favorite thing about players: Most are nursing an incurable STD, hoping it doesn't move to their lips or eyes. That and the amount of money they paid chasing that incurable STD.

My favorite thing about white knights: Watching them go through the eventual disillusionment and disenchantment that comes with divorce and being cheated on by their spouse or girlfriend. That and them having to pay the X wife to sleep with other men. Watching them go to jail for getting behind on child support/alimony is also much fun.

My favorite thing about feminists: Watching them lose their sons to alcoholism, drugs, homelessness and suicide after another feminist destroys their son's life.

MGHOW for life.

Take The Red Pill said...

Anonymous said...
"...My favorite thing about feminists: Watching them lose their sons to alcoholism, drugs, homelessness and suicide after another feminist destroys their son's life..."

Yep. A lot of that is happening now, when an older feminist has a modern-day Frankenfeminist falsely accuse her son of 'rape'. It's only then that they finally realize that feminism is not about 'equality' (as if it ever was), and what 'useful idiots' they were. But of course, that's also when they usually start the semantic games about what is "real" feminism and who are "real" feminists.

It makes me so glad that I never married nor fathered kids...
And the funny thing is, that I have the women of my generation to thank for it; neither I nor they knew it at the time -- but when they treated me like dirt when I was young, they were actually doing me the greatest favor that they could have done.

"MGTOW -- because it's better to BE single than to wish that you were."

Anonymous said...

"It makes me so glad that I never married nor fathered kids..."

Glad you escaped the male annihilation that feminism represents. I did, too.

MGTOW are pro-male, not anti-female. MGTOW are about men's lives, not feminine prerogatives. MGTOW are about male survival, not hypergamy or gynocentrism. MGTOW aren't about begging for a better position at the slave table (see MRAs).

MGTOW are a feminist's worst nightmare, which is why feminists attack MRAs and avoid MGTOW.

Feminists have no defense against MGTOW. We don't want a better bargaining position at the marriage table. We don't want better divorce laws. We don't want better alimony, divorce, child support or custody laws.

Poody is largely life threatening and loaded with disease. MGTOW don't seek to oppress women. Instead, they seek to remove any oppressive power women have over men's lives. MGTOW seek to remove women's power over their lives.

Ask the herbivore men in Japan what MGTOW want. I'll give you a hint - It has nothing to do with women. It has everything to do with men living outside of the misandric, feminist, gynocentric world in which men suffer at the behest of women.

MGTOW aren't the problem. MGTOW are the cure. Women are the problem. MGTOW will fix that problem.

White knights and feminists hate MGTOW. Why? Because each is gynocentric and misandric.

Feminists, anti-feminists, tradcons, MRAs and white knights are all harmful to men. Each operates within the realm of a shared agenda. MGTOW, on the other hand? Each wants to hold onto the aspect of the patriarchy that benefits them personally, while eschewing the aspects of the patriarchy that don't.

Is it any wonder feminists, MRAs, tradcons and anti-feminists have a problem with MGTOWs? Not really. How do you debate a MGTOW? You can't. They're always right.