Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Santa Cruz feminist commies at work

I mentioned activities by Santa Cruz feminist commies, and I happened to notice some criticism from the Left. One of them is using M.L. King to hate the Jews:
An upcoming civil rights talk by UC Santa Cruz emeritus professor Angela Davis has prompted division and outcry among local Jews due to Davis’ public support for boycotts of Israel. ... Davis is one of around a dozen UCSC community members who have publicly endorsed an academic boycott of Israel, which some consider a blacklisting of Jewish Israeli academics.
The other is now against free speech:
Bettina Aptheker, a professor of feminist studies at the University of California–Santa Cruz, recently wrote an essay commemorating the Berkeley Free Speech movement, in which she participated as a student in 1964. She now expressed a newfound skepticism in the merits of free speech. “Freedom of speech is a constitutional guarantee, but who gets to exercise it without the chilling restraints of censure depends very much on one’s location in the political and social cartography,” she wrote. “We [Free Speech movement] veterans … were too young and inexperienced in 1964 to know this, but we do now, and we speak with a new awareness, a new consciousness, and a new urgency that the wisdom of a true freedom is inexorably tied to who exercises power and for what ends.”
Of course these people are against free speech. Their evil ideas cannot survive in a open discussion of the issues.

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Anonymous said...

Opposing the crimes of the state of Israel ≠ hating jews.

Noting that not everyone gets free speech even when it is supposed to be free ≠ questioning the merits of free speech.

Not with you on this one, man.