Monday, November 03, 2014

Why would a man vote Democrat?

Gordon E. Finley & Dianna Thompson write:
The most presciently under-appreciated and intentionally ignored book in gender politics was published by David Paul Kuhn in 2007 and titled “The Neglected Voter: White Men and The Democratic Dilemma.” The message is in the title. White men have fled the Democratic Party in droves, for good reason – and why shouldn’t they continue to flee in 2014,— while keeping an eye on 2016? ...

Second, family law reform. An inconvenient truth for the Family Law Sections of State Bar Associations and those living off the Domestic Violence Industry is that most children of divorce love both of their parents and do not want to be separated by law from either of them. If divorced fathers, second wives, moms and the voting-age children of divorce band together and make their demands known to candidates, 2015 may be the year of post-divorce Equal Shared Parenting and the elimination of Permanent Alimony. ...

Fifth, if men need any more reason to move out of their mother’s basements and get off their video games, they need look no further than “Affirmative Consent.” California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed SB 967, popularly known as the “yes means yes” affirmative consent for sex on campus bill, followed immediately by Democratic Gov. Cuomo who by fiat imposed affirmative consent on his university system – even though data show there is no “rape crisis” on the nation’s campuses.

The heart of the problem is that the affirmative consent movement gives total power, control and resources to women in all matters sexual while simultaneously denying all due process rights to the accused man in campus tribunals. The denial of due process includes the denial of: the presumption of innocence, an attorney, cross-examining your accuser and an evidentiary standard higher than a coin toss. College men who have been expelled with the Scarlet “R” affixed to their transcript have no future.

The differential impact of SB 967 on California’s sons and daughters is horrific and must be replaced by legislation that treats the nation’s sons and daughters equally.
Bad as Brown is, his opponent is a leftist Republican-in-name-only who voted for Obama in 2008 and whose biggest claim to fame is working for the 2008-2009 bailouts. He seems to be on a mission to destroy the California Republican party. I am voting for Brown, who is going to get re-elected anyway by a large margin.

I mentioned the N. Dakota shared parenting initiative, and you would expect civil libertarians to be all in favor of it, as being under the discretion of a family court judge is the opposite of civil liberty. Apparently feminism and leftism trump civil liberty:
The American Civil Liberties Union is opposing a ballot measure in North Dakota aimed at offering shared parenting between the genders. The ACLU joins with several other institutions meant to keep parents from engaging in shared parenting of children. They’re branding their campaign, “Keeping Kids First,” but it seems more like it’s about keeping one gender first.

In reality the “Keeping Kids First” coalition is a front group for feminists, the ACLU, divorce attorneys and the state bar association. Divorce attorneys have a particular interest in not seeing this pass because they have a lot of money to lose if divorce becomes much less troublesome. Parlaying their tactics as an issue of women’s rights and feminism is more likely a cover for their personal financial interests, and one based on the idea of gender supremacy.

Measure 6, on the ballot this fall in North Dakota would establish approximately 50/50 shared parenting as the default when parents split up, unless a court finds that one of the parents is unfit. One of the divorce attorneys opposing the measure wrote in the Pierce County Tribune that, “It would require courts to divide children’s time half-and-half between moms and dads, in every case, no matter the circumstances.”
We need at least one state to pass a shared parenting law, so we will have objective evidence on whether it works.

Update: Another opinion, on a site for men:
Why American Men Should Refuse To Vote

1. Your vote is meaningless

2. Politicians on both the left and right hate you

There is not a single politician of importance in the U.S., liberal or conservative, who gives a damn about men’s issues. ...

3. Politics itself is a charade

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it’s difficult to look at the pageantry of American politics and conclude that they aren’t all in on the scam. Unless you’re a low-information voter who only cares about government handouts and boutique issues like abortion and gay marriage, both the Jackass Party and the Dumbass Party are bound to disappoint you. Neither party has any interest in solving the issues it purports to care about, because keeping their supporters unsatisfied is the only way to motivate them to turn out at the polls. ...

So tomorrow, stay home. Play video games. Make love to your girlfriend. Snort an eight-ball and watch reruns of Girls. But for the love of God, don’t vote.

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