Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sperm deal kids ruined by four-parent feud

There is no need to conform to 1950s family ideals, the LGBTQIA activists keep telling us. People should have the freedom to make their own kinds of families. Here is where that leads.

When crazy violent lesbians need to get inseminated, where do they go?
The UK Telegraph reports:
Two young girls born through an informal sperm donation deal between a gay couple and a lesbian couple have been scarred for life by a bitter six-year feud after their two fathers and two mothers fell out, a judge has warned. ...

But he said the emotional and psychological wreckage “illustrates all too clearly” the problems “unleashed” by such informal arrangements between friends or acquaintances. ...

It discloses that the couples, who are both separately in civil partnerships, ran up more than half a million pounds in legal costs in a case involving more than 30 separate court orders and a string of judges.

The judge ruled that the girls should remain living with the mothers – despite serious problems at home including domestic violence between the two women at times – because to move the children would have an even more “devastating” effect on them.

He ruled that the mothers would be supervised by social services and that the fathers would have contact with the younger daughter – known as B – but only write to the older girl – known as A – because she had become convinced she did not want to see them. ...

The judgment details serious domestic problems between the women. The biological mother – known as M1 – was in and out of hospitals and clinics for mental health treatment and became heavily reliant on her partner, known as M2. But she was described as “controlling” and, at times “callous and uncaring” towards M1. ...

But the judge said the fathers were also guilty of “raising the temperature” in the dispute, upping their demands and claiming that the girls’ treatment amounted to torture and even that their lives were at risk.

“It will be apparent from reading this, and my previous judgements, that the litigation has had a destructive effect on the parties," he said.
In the old system, the parents register their marriage with the govt and then the govt leaves them alone to rear the kids. In the new system, anything goes, no one criticizes anyone's morals, and the govt micromanages your lives while you spend a fortune in legal fees.

The judge blames the parties, but why can't the judge make decision without 6 years of hearings? It should not be that complicated to determine the legal parents, and let them rear the kids.


Doty said...

Right on Angry Dad. The courts enable and engender conflict between parents.

Doty said...

P.S. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging!!!!
I would love it if you wrote an update on your life and current relationship with your children.
I originally found your blog via Google. I'm surprised you do not receive more reader comments. You are an excellent writer and choose interesting news items to write about.
I hope you are content with your life and wish you all the best.