Friday, November 21, 2014

Divorced parents have to pay college tuition

In most states, parents have no legal obligation to pay for college. The kids can get student loans, as everyone else. But NJ parents have to pay:
Two New Jersey parents have been ordered to contribute to their adult daughter's education, against their will. However, despite a midnight deadline to cough up thousands, they still say their estranged child is not entitled to a dime.

21-year old Caitlyn Ricci sued her estranged parents for her college tuition and won.

Her parents tell Action News that they haven't spoken with their daughter for almost two years. But now they may have to pay $16,000 this year and in future years for her college tuition. ...

It's interesting to note that her grandparents are the ones who paid for the attorney to sue their own son, Caitlyn's father Michael.
A NJ lawyer questions the legality of the ruling:
The fact is that accordingly to precedent is that New Jersey Courts must carefully examine the issues surrounding the breakdown of the parent-child relationship prior to apportioning college costs. Here, there was no hearing, no examination of who was at fault for the breakdown, evidence that the parents were not consulted and their opinions not respected.
A college education is an investment in the kid's future. Or maybe just a chance to attend drunken frat parties. A 21yo is an adult, and parents are not required to buy her a car, rent her an apartment, or invest in a business she may start. A fancy college is a luxury.

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