Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Lena Dunham's sick book

She has her own show in HBO, and she is all about revealing more than we want to see. But some publicity is too much:
On Saturday, HBO’s Lena Dunham sent a “cease and desist” letter to TruthRevolt demanding that we remove an article we posted last Wednesday on sections of her book, Not That Kind of Girl. The letter threatened legal action if we did not both remove that article, as well as print a note, the suggested language of which read as follows:
We recently published a story stating that Ms. Dunham engaged in sexual conduct with her sister. The story was false, and we deeply regret having printed it. We apologize to Ms. Dunham, her sister, and their parents, for this false story.
We refuse. We refuse to withdraw our story or apologize for running it, because quoting a woman’s book does not constitute a “false” story, even if she is a prominent actress and left-wing activist. Lena Dunham may not like our interpretation of her book, but unfortunately for her and her attorneys, she wrote that book – and the First Amendment covers a good deal of material she may not like.
Follow the link and read the book excerpts, if you want. They seem sick to me. So is her show, where she regularly takes off her clothes and shows her overweight tattooed body performing sex acts.

The implication here is that Dunham sexually abused her little sister, and turned her into a lesbian. Saying that might be libel, except that Dunham practically admitted it in her own autobiography. I certainly have no knowledge of the matter. Read her own words, and decide for yourself. Read more here, where you can learn that she grew up with rich weirdo parents in a $6M apartment and elite private schools. Some of her book may well be fictionalized, as some of the quotes sound implausible to me.

Dunham is, of course, a leftist feminist Democrat Obama-worshipping social justice warrior.

Update: CH piles on. Actually there is little to add, except that we are in sorry shape is she is really a role model for today's millennial girls.

Update: PJ O'Rourke's opinion:
The characters in Girls take drugs. They “hook up” in a manner that makes the casual sex of the 1960s seem like an arranged marriage in Oman. And they drink and they vomit and they drink and they vomit and they drink and they vomit.

It’s every parent’s nightmare. I had to have a lot to drink before I could get to sleep after watching this show about young people who are only a few years older than my daughters.

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