Sunday, November 02, 2014

Suggestion to leave a hostile place

The Dilbert cartoonist writes:
In my prior post I suggested that if a person lives in a hostile place, that person should leave. ...

The loser worldview is that whoever is causing the problem needs to fix it for you.

The problem with the loser worldview is that in many cases the only person who CAN fix the problem is you, even if you had nothing to do with causing it. A winner in that situation fixes his own problem. A loser sits indefinitely waiting for others to solve it for him, even knowing that won't happen. ...

If you want to see a good example of winners, look at the Asian and Indian population in the United States. The country handed them the usual boatload of intense discrimination with one hand and the promise of unlimited education with the other. Who's your valedictorian now? That's what winners do. No blame, just personal responsibility.
The subject started with a very widely circulated viral video of a women on the 10-hour walk in New York City. The video was edited down to about 5 minutes of unwanted comments to her.

You find it and commentary by googling catcall video, even tho there aren't really any catcalls on the video.

The most striking thing about the video is that the whites and Asians leave her alone, while all the rude comments come from blacks and Puerto Ricans or other Latinos. She looks as if she is walking thru Harlem, with unemployed black men loitering in the streets making comments. The video could be a KKK recruiting video.

Dilbert has probably gotten a lot of flak from feminists, but surely that is the conclusion that most women have come to -- if you don't like rude comments from loitering black men, then don't go for long walks in Harlem.

Sure, she has a right to walk wherever she wants. But others have free speech rights. There are lots of safe places to walk. Given the choice between (1) walking in a safe or friendly place, and (2) trying to reform the manners of unemployed black men loitering in Harlem, which would you choose?

Dilbert would probably tell me that it is stupid to complain about the family court, because there is no realistic chance of winning. It is more practical to just leave the hostile place.

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Justin said...

No, you can't choose to "leave" the family court, or any form of gov't.