Wednesday, November 05, 2014

NBA player ruined by false DV charge

National Review reports:
How a False Domestic-Violence Charge Ruined An NBA Career
Forget due process, evidence, rights — domestic-violence accusers are almost always believed.

A startling report last week by the AP’s Jon Krawczynski sheds needed light on the harrowing story of Dante Cunningham, a victim of a false domestic-violence accusation and a baseless restraining order.

Last season, Cunningham was a forward playing for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, completing his second year with the team.
They did not just drop the charges for lack of evidence; they proved that the accuser fabricated the charge.

But still, no perjury charge and no NBA career. In today's domestic violence politics, an accusation is like a conviction.

If I were part of the DV lobby, I would be working with sports officials to make sure that false charges do not ruin careers, because stories like this undermine their movement against real perps. But the leftist-femininists do not think that way. They do not believe that an accuser should have to prove her charges, and do not want her held accountable. Any man losing his job is seen as a victory for their movement.

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outsider said...

The feminarchy likes to exploit chaos. Thousands of other guys ready to take his job.