Saturday, November 08, 2014

Liberalism ruined her parenting

Darlena Cunha, a former television producer turned stay-at-home mom to twin girls, writes in the Wash. Post:
I’m a diehard, bleeding-heart liberal. And it’s ruining my parenting.

My intentions are good. I want my two daughters, 6, to think critically, to fight for fairness and justice whenever they can. I want them to value equality above all else. But sometimes, I also need them to do what I say. This contradiction is hard to explain.

Take a recent incident, involving some candy. I’d given each girl the same number of gumballs. But one of my daughters lost some. She then implored me for extra. “Now I have less and that’s not fair,” she moaned.

“But they’re my candy! It’s not my fault we lost some of hers!” the other one replied.

My solution — to put all the gumballs together in one bowl and split them equally — was unacceptable to both. All afternoon, they threw tantrums, slammed doors, or tried to slyly outwit me, crumbling when I didn’t fall for it.

“How about we keep our own gumballs and I get an extra other kind of candy that she doesn’t get?” said one.

“Why am I being punished for her missing candy?” asked the other.

Three hours later, the result was the same as it would’ve been had I taken a sterner approach from the get-go: We did what I said. But what should have taken five minutes took three hours, and everyone was in a bad mood.
Yes, there could be something wrong with your concept of fairness when you cannot explain it to a 6-year-old child.

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Anonymous said...

As Capt. Capitalism would say, "Father unable to be reached for comment."

"Value equality above all else." Why not just buy your kids a Cat of the Month club membership now so they'll get full value when they're older.