Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Effect Causes Divorce

Here is more evidence that wives seek divorce for shallow reasons:
When Janine Martinez's husband had not made dinner plans for Valentine's Day three days before the annual romantic holiday, the 43-year-old felt she was involved in a sub-standard marriage.

"My relationship just didn't look like what I see on television," said Martinez who began considering divorce. "I was reminded of the dysfunction in my marriage by all of the red and pink decorations in the retail stores and the candy hearts my children brought home from school."

When Martinez confronted her husband about Valentine's Day, she became convinced it was time to pull the plug.

"He didn't feel we needed to celebrate the holiday since we'd been married for seven years," Martinez told MainStreet. ...

About 67% of people searching for a divorce lawyer on the Internet in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day are women, according to a new study by, which matches consumers with lawyers. ...

"For the last four years, we've consistently seen a large increase in the number of people searching for information on divorce around Valentine's Day," said Leigh McMillan, vice president of marketing with Avvo. "The spike is so consistent and so prominent to warrant calling it the Valentine's Effect."
Naybe these wives are just not showing enough enthusiam:
advocacy group StudentsNS has determined that its position on consenting to sex will be so clear and unambiguous, they have inadvertently jettisoned all sense of logic. From now on, according to their new site it is no longer enough for a sexual partner to agree to sex. Even clear consent is not enough. No, from now on the standard is — I can still scarcely believe it — enthusiasm. In a jaw-dropping graphic on its homepage, the campaign proudly asserts that “Sex without enthusiastic consent is not sex at all. It is sexual assault or rape.”
Next time you hear a rape accusation, keep in mind that hte problem may have been an unethusiastic yes. For another view, see James Taranto's Drunkenness and Double Standards about colleges cracking down on drunk students having sexual relations, especially if the girls has regrets the next morning.

CPS also causes divorce, according to this Houston story:
The Matthews' have 5 kids.

They admit a fight they had back in 2009 was a bad one.

"It doesn't mean the kids are in danger it doesn't mean the kids are abused because your having an argument with your spouse that gets kind of loud," Devin Matthew said.

The fight brought the cops out and in turn Child Protective Services.

The domestic violence charge against Aaron Matthew was knocked down to a disorderly conduct charge.

Still that fight had the couple's 5 kids in state custody for 14 months.

"Probably the most horrible time in my life and his too," Devin Matthew said. "You can only see your kids on certain days at certain times you can't kiss them goodnight you can't do anything as a family."

If she wanted them back Devin Matthew says CPS told her she had to get a divorce.

We beat them at their own game," Devin Matthew said. "I started recording every conversation with them, I started documenting everything."

The Matthews' say they learned alot from their battle with CPS.

They say they hope advice they give can help others who find themselves at odds with the state agency.

"Do not talk to them force their hand if you've done nothing wrong," Devin Matthew said. "Force them to get a warrant to talk to you, your kids. Lawyer up as soon as you can."
I would not say that they won, if CPS kept their 5 kids for 14 months. CPS has no business telling couples to get a divorce, but they do it all the time.


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