Sunday, February 02, 2014

New Florida day care rules

The nanny state continues to expand:
Broward day care centers will have to turn off the TV, take the kids out to play, and switch to skim milk under a proposed law working its way toward approval at the County Commission.

A majority of commissioners expressed support Tuesday for new day care regulations that would affect some 500 child care centers and thousands of children in Broward County. The county already regulates day care centers. But the new law would be stricter than existing county and state laws governing day care and after-school care centers. ...

•Children 2 and older would be limited to 90 minutes of TV, movies and video games a week. County regulations currently allow one to two hours of TV a day.

•Computer time is already limited to 15-minute increments. No change is recommended.

•Milk for kids 2 and older would be skim or low fat.
Whole milk is more nutritious than skim milk. These politicians should be trying to micromanage routine child care decisions. There are some legitimate differences of opinion on some of these points, and the decisions are better made by the parents.

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