Monday, February 24, 2014

Moms choices lead to kids without dads

The Spearhead writes:
The National Organization for Women, a powerful, but declining institution ... has called for the firing of Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto. He provoked the group’s wrath by daring to suggest that it can be difficult to ascertain who is at “fault” when two intoxicated people have sex: ...
The NOW press release says:
Taranto’s recent screed is not his first misogynist claim. On January 6, he said that the growing number of illegitimate children was a product of the “rise of female careerism” and women’s choices given their access to abortions and birth control when he said, “the vast majority of children who are growing up without fathers are doing so in large part because of their mother’s choices.”
I have quoted Taranto several times. He writes an excellent column, and has a lot of great observations.

It appears that feminism is all about giving women more choices, but not holding them responsible for the choices they make. And censoring those who point out the problems with those choices.

Taranto is correct about kids growing up without fathers. NOW makes no attempt to rebut it.

Dr. Helen quotes InfoWars:
7) The “Privilege” Trap

Statists, collectivists and their mouthpieces in the media and the establishment claim that western men (in particular white men) cannot express a valid opinion on any issue related in any way to a “minority” (such as feminism or immigration) because they have “privilege”. The “privilege” talking point is a stunt through which liberals and feminists attempt to shut down free speech.
Most of the mainstream press has been intimidated by the feminists. You have to read the blogs to get the truth.

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