Friday, May 17, 2013

Your child is your future

NPR radio has a story about a songwriter of I Drive Your Truck , with this line:
"Your child is your future, and when you've lost your child, you've lost your future. And I think one of the reasons so many Gold Star parents drive their children's trucks is 'cuz they have to hold on. They just have to hold on."
That is why I drive my daughter's truck, even tho it is only 3 inches long.

Meanwhile, here is a stupid advice column:
Dear Prudence,
I am the middle of three boys and we are all in our 20s. Our parents separated shortly after my younger brother was born and eventually they went through a bitter divorce. Recently, my father, brothers, and I went to a camping-style family wedding together. The facilities were spartan and we all ended up in a communal shower. ...

Dear No ...

You want to establish that your baby brother isn’t really a member of the tribe. But pursuing your hunch will only make a cock-up of things because nothing can change the fact that your father has always embraced all of you as his three sons.
I am not quoting the gist of this because I think that the letter is a fake. The answer is just stupid. If the mom was unfaithful, the face would be the most obvious clue. A DNA test would tell for sure, if there is really doubt. The kid has a right to know.

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