Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gays getting disorders

NPR Radio reports:
"Lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals who lived in the states that banned same-sex marriage experienced a significant increase in psychiatric disorders," says.

"There was a 37 percent increase in mood disorders," he says, "a 42 percent increase in alcohol-use disorders, and — I think really strikingly — a 248 percent increase in generalized anxiety disorders." ...

"We showed the psychiatric disorders did not increase in lesbian, gay and bisexual populations in states that didn't debate and vote on same-sex marriages," Hatzenbuehler says. "There were also no increases — or much smaller increases — among heterosexuals living in the states that passed same-sex marriage bans."

Hatzenbuehler has also found, in a study conducted in Massachusetts, that gay men experienced fewer stress-related disorders after that state permitted gay marriage.
No, those states did not ban same-sex marriage; they just affirmed existing law.

This study was published in 2010. It appears that NPR is lobbying for the US Supreme Court to declare a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, or else a lot of emotionally fragile LGBTQIA folks will have to get psychiatric treatment.

I don't believe this research. Even if it were true, is this any way to make marriage policy? Do they even look at the mental health of the men who get destroyed by the family court?

Meanwhile, the leftist LGBTQIA press reports:
Carolyn Compton is in a three year-old relationship with a woman. According to Compton’s partner Page Price, Compton’s ex-husband rarely sees their two children and was also once charged with stalking Compton, a felony, although he eventually plead to a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing.'

And yet, thanks to a Texas judge, Compton could lose custody of her children because she has the audacity to live with the woman she loves.

According to Price, Judge John Roach, a Republican who presides over a state trial court in McKinney, Texas, placed a so-called “morality clause” in Compton’s divorce papers. This clause forbids Compton having a person that she is not related to “by blood or marriage” at her home past 9pm when her children are present. Since Texas will not allow Compton to marry her partner, this means that she effectively cannot live with her partner so long as she retains custody over her children. Invoking the “morality clause,” Judge Roach gave Price 30 days to move out of Compton’s home.
While that may seem like old-fashioned morality, what if a psychologist testified that the lesbian mom was likely to get an anxiety disorder from being a lesbian in Texas?

You might say that lesbianism has not been proved harmful to kids. But the dad has been cut off from his kids, and it is very unlikely that his behavior has been proven harmful either. All we are told is that he was once charged with criminal trespassing. It should not be a crime for a dad to see his kids. This mom has asked the court to micromanage her ex-husband's behavior, so she should not be so surprised to come under some scrutiny herself. I would have more respect for the LGBTQIA lobby if they were more consistent about demanding that judges not intervene in personal lives.


Anonymous said...

She should marry her girlfriends brother or father and then she will be related to her girlfriend by marriage.

I will say that i hope the woman moves out because i have friends from college who despise their mom because she invoked a clause like this on her xHusband (their dad) whose girlfriend went through a 6 year divorce in NY and so their contact with their father was limited for 5 years. And the kids dont blame the judge, they blame their mother for involving the judge. they love ther mom but they despise her as well.

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