Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Jodi Arias guilty

Jodi Arias was just found guilty of first degree (premeditated) murder in the killing of Travis Alexander. This is a firm repudiation of forensic psychology testimony of PTSD and battered woman syndrome.

I wonder if the psychologist or domestic violence counselor professions will attempt any damage control. They could claim that the jury did wrong, or repudiate the expert testimony. As it stands, the televised trial gave the impression that these experts are crooked quacks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to VAWA, this is a multi-billion dollar cottage industry anchored in the Family Court system that's infested with quacks and gender ideologues.

You can be sure there will be damage control from radical feminists and NOW ...

Scope Creep said...

What I am happy about the most is that this woman's attempt to deliberately smear the reputation of an innocent dead man failed miserably. It is also a shame that this woman's actions also undermined the plight of legitimate victims of abuse.