Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feminst law prof switches to needles

The Boston Globe reports:
Those hands belong to Clare Dalton, who made a name nationally when she sued Harvard in 1987 for sex discrimination in denying her tenure at the law school. Usually such suits are aimed at gaining tenure, but Dalton had no intention of returning to Harvard. In 1988, she went across the Charles River to Northeastern University Law School and used her settlement money to start a domestic violence institute devoted to research, education, and service on behalf of victims. She oversaw law students who represent battered women in court, and she has received numerous awards for her work in domestic violence law and feminist legal thought.
A year ago, however, Dalton left academia for acupuncture, an odd career path for a distinguished legal scholar. ...
Dalton — who since 2005 has been legally separated from her husband, Robert Reich, the US secretary of labor in the Clinton administration — says their two sons have had different reactions to her metamorphosis.

This story is too weird for me. Robert Reich is less that five feet tall, and unlikely to be a wife-beater. Acupuncture has many people who swear that it cures all sorts of problems, but there is really no hard evidence for its effectiveness.

My impression is that the feminist scholars in domestic violence are a bunch of kooks. Maybe she will sue me.

Meanwhile, John Kimble has updated his list of censored mens rights blogs, and mine is still on the list. I don't understand this, as I previously reported being unblocked. The block list does not make much sense, as several blocked blogs are actually no longer active, and for some like mine, there is a simple work-around to get past the censor.

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