Thursday, May 09, 2013

Guilty of abuse without evidence

I followed the Jodi Arias trial mainly to see how forensic psychologists and domestic violence experts would perform in a nationally televised criminal trial. It was worse that I expected. Alyce LaViolette testified that Jodi was abused, even tho there was no objective evidence of it, except for some scatterned name-calling in emails.

LaViolette argued that the worst kind of abuse is emotional abuse, and the worst kind of emotional abuse is the kind that is so subtle that only an expert like herself can recognize it. The reason is that Jodi could not get any emotional support from her friends for the so-called abuse, because they might think that the incidents were trivial.

I was glad to see that the jury did not accept such an illogical argument. It reminded me of my own custody trials, where I was accused of being an abuser even tho no one could even find an example of abuse.

On Jan. 11, 2008, Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph issued a ruling against me, saying:
First, one does not have to beat their child to be an abuser.

Second, one doesn't have to have one spectacular event easily recalled and reported in detail to be an emotional abuser. ...

And I grant you, Mr. AngryDad, that taken singularly, if you were to come in this court and Ms. Travers were to say, "Dad resets the alarm clock," this would have been a five minute hearing that had a very different result. But that's not the only event. That's an indicative event, a representative event. But the events go on and on and on. I read reread last night the report of Dr. Johnson in this which Father said, quote, nothing bad ever really happened, almost the identical words that I heard in this hearing.

Dad at that time confirmed that he does tend to do the same thing, quote, over and over again, not inconsistent with the Costco visits and the meal plans. Dad says, "My parenting habits may be somewhat unorthodox, but they achieve good results. And I never put my children into any danger." ... Their dinner with Father may include macaroni or potatoes with asparagus. ...
Yeah, I not only set the alarm clock for my kids, I fed them potatoes!

Now Joseph is being considered for appointment to be a real judge. He is a disaster. California is accepting public comments on him. Please write to the state, and beg them not to appoint Joseph.

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Anonymous said...

I had much the same experience with many of the same cast of characters. At approximately the same stage, when I hadn't seen either of my kids for about a year, I tried Madeleine Boriss for an hour or so of advice. She told me I would probably have to work within the supervised visitation order before getting back in court for a different result.

So I took baby steps and tried to make just a little progress each time in court. The first time mom canceled a visit, I was able to get the frequency of visits doubled. That made it more expensive and even though it seemed like a waste, I didn't have anything better to spend money on. Eventually one kid asked why the supervisor had to be there all the time and we couldn't go places, so mom relented and after a while the court changed one word from "supervised" to "reasonable".

One kid is grown up now. We took a road trip a couple of years ago and had a long time to talk in the car while he drove. I was amazed when he told me he thought I "have good character" because I didn't involve him in discussions about court while his mother did. He has different criticisms of me though, like losing patience and getting angry.