Sunday, April 14, 2013

DV expert widely criticized

I pointed out below that there is an organized campaign to destroy the career of folk singer Michelle Shocked, because she once shocked a San Fran audience with a Christian anti-homosexual rant. California liberals can be remarkably intolerant sometimes, but I don't have a dog in that fight.

The Jodi Arias experts are widely despised for their televised testimony. USA Today
For three days this week, a domestic violence expert witness named Alyce LaViolette held her own against prosecutor Juan Martinez in the Jodi Arias murder case in Maricopa County Superior Court.

But LaViolette was annihilated in cyberspace. ...

The barrage of cyberstalking was the subject of lengthy meetings in a judge's chambers on Monday. It sent LaViolette to the emergency room last weekend.

Legal observers are not certain if it constitutes witness tampering, slander, or just an expression of free speech.

"It's the electronic version of a lynch mob," said retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Fields.
Anxiety sent her to the emergency room?

I hate to pile on, but the LaViolette is evil. She is not just expressing a personal opinion like Ms. Shocked. She is being paid by the government to tell lies under oath. She has spent her whole life trying to ruin the lives of good men by exaggerating the significance of trivial incidents.

Alyce D. LaViolette inspired this petition:
Alyce LaViolette should no longer be given the opportunity to speak at abuse seminars based on her testimony in The State vs. Jodi Arias Murder trial. In her testimony, she named Travis Alexander as an abuser without ever having met him. This man was stabbed over two dozen times, shot in the head and nearly decapitated by Jodi Arias slitting his throat. Based on the words of admitted liar and killer, Jodi Arias, Ms. LaViolette has tarnished the reputation of Travis Alexander in front of his grieving family. Her inability to see that the murder victim was also the victim of other abuse by Jodi Arias should disqualify her from speaking on the subject of domestic violence indefinitely.
Her Amazon book listing now has 100s of 1-star (lowest rating) reviews, such as this:
I am saddened and disgusted by how men in general are portrayed by LaViolette. This woman has taken the most innocent of actions and has made them out to be abuse, and I lack the understanding as to why she has done this. So many simple actions are now twisted to the point where if a man doesn't call a woman right away after a date or a sexual encounter, he is emotionally abusive, or if a man just so happens to become angry in traffic, it's a precursor to violent behavior and abuse. I'm totally up in arms! Look, I was in a very violent and abusive marriage, and I am absolutely sickened by what this author has done to genuinely TRUE DV victims. She has set this issue back at least 30 years. She wonders why DV is rarely taken seriously? Well Ms. LaViolette, the reason this is true is all due to people like you.
There are also 100s of other negative Amazon comments.

I don't usually advocate boycotts, but LaViolette is a menace. She makes her living from the state by pretending to be a domestic violence expert, but there is no factual backing to anything she says. It is just anti-man opinion. The state is paying her and she is doing harm. Her phony propaganda should be rebutted at every opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Ms. LaViolette seems to operate on the theory that all women are meek and mild and not intelligent or strong enough to EVER stand up for themselves, and surely are NEVER capable of being the PERPETRATOR of abuse.

She testified in the Jodi Arias trial and TRASHED the only victim in the case, Travis Alexander, without ever talking with his family, friends, or people who knew him well. She took the word of Jodi Arias (an admitted liar) and cherry-picked e-mails and text messages out of context, painting Travis as an abuser with absolutely NO corroborating evidence whatsoever (ignoring the fact that any of the angry statements made by Mr. Alexander were IN RESPONSE to Ms. Arias' many lies, manipulations, and betrayals).

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if these protests against the liar Alyce worked? I want her to lose her job and eat grass. The lying B....

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if these protests against the liar Alyce worked? I want her to lose her job and eat grass. The lying B....