Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unfit to be a judge

I mentioned below that the former Commissioner I. Joseph is being considered for a judgeship. I have drafted the following email to submit to the state advisory commission. I urge others to send their own comments. I believe that it is your right and duty, as a citizen, to help get better officials appointed to powerful govt positions.

I am strongly opposed to an appointment for Irwin H. Joseph. He is unfit to be a judge.

I was in his family court in Santa Cruz from 2005 to 2008. He was incompetent, prejudiced, malicious, and vindictive.

He had a grudge against me because I once got him reversed in the 6th District appeals court. He made me pay extra non-formula child support based on my ex-wife's husband having a mortgage and me not having one, and on my daughter taking dance lessons.

He signed an ex-parte order to send the sheriff to seize my kids, even though a CPS report did not recommend any action.

He gave my ex-wife temporary sole physical custody pending a psychological evaluation, but then refused to appoint an evaluator for 2 years.

He eventually allowed an evaluation, but only if we found a Jewish psychologist.

He claimed that he was not reading my blog, but he had his assistant read my blog and he then asked my ex-wife to charge me with contempt of court based on me quoting open-court testimony against me.

I believe that I am the only one in California history to be charged with contempt for quoting the open testimony against me.

Even after Joseph was demoted to the juvenile delinquency court, he issued a family court order against me without any hearing.

Joseph was eventually fired for incompetence as a Santa Cruz county commissioner.

There is a book being written about bad family court judges, and Joeeph will be featured. He has declined to rebut the accusations
against him.

I observed Joseph in many other cases, and he was nearly always unfair. There are many much better choices to be a judge.

George AngryDad

Comments can be emailed before May 20 to the Judicial Nominees Evaluation Commission at You can also send comments to addresses of the commission members.


Anonymous said...

Where do I send my letter?

George said...

I added the email address to the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I haven't seen my daughter in almost a year because of this man's refusal to look at facts presented. I went from 50% physical custody to zero because this man does not read or review what has been submitted in regards to the case as a whole. My ex has gotten away with alienating our daughter even after counselors have given recommendations stating there is no grounds to keep us apart. My ex also had a very extensive history of filing false allegations all which have been proven false in court. In the most recent proceeding he laughed and mocked how much stuff I submitted with my response to the most recent false allegations my ex is making. If he took the time to read it or even scan over it he would see the police reports,e-mails, texts,etc..... That prove my ex is lying. But nooooo.. Instead he keeps granting her continuances thus dragging this on with no regard for me or my family to have my daughter back in our lives. I have done my best to love,provide, and be a father since getting 50%custody and this man has no regard at all for what he is allowing to go on.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Anonymous 12:36 PM is being subjected to maljurisprudence in Santa Clara County like Angry Dad & I & others were in Santa Cruz. California is going bankrupt because judicial committees have to waste time reviewing judicial applications from incompetent egomaniacs like this just because they can figure out how to hit the Send button hamhandedly.

Thank God my ex-wife got our case moved to another state where the judges quickly saw through her alienation and false allegations and gave me full physical custody which I never even asked or hoped for. I feel like a regular member of my community for the first time in fifteen years. How can the other judges in Silicon Valley be so dumb as to let this go on when the engineers there are so smart?

Post the date and time of your next hearing so everyone can observe.

alienated said...

Anonymous 7:29 p.m. i will post next court date and time. By the time we get to the next hearing it will be just shy of one year since i last seen my daughter. this has been the most painful experience of my life. this commissioner has allowed this to drag on with no legitimate reason. the only argument my ex's attorney has is my 12 year old daughter simply does not want to see me. as i stated before, if the commissioner actually took the time to review the case he would see the pattern of false allegations,violation of custody/visitation order and un willingness to co-parent by my ex wife over the past ten years we have been divorced. when we had a "real Judge" over seeing this case i was treated very fairly and granted 50% physical and legal custody. I Never one time in all these years violated a single order or mistreated my children and yet I am being alienated for no reason at all.

Anonymous said...

I had "Commissioner" Irwin Joseph oversee my dissolution in Santa Clara County family court, and the man is the very embodiment of satanic evil. He is incompetent, vicious, spiteful, hateful, irrational, malicious, arrogant, conceited, smug--and that is on a good day.

I grieve and commiserate with you if you signed the form allowing this demon to oversee your family case.

Anonymous said...

sounds as though he hasn't learned from his experience here in Santa Cruz County.

I gave Lara Krieger an earful and a half about my case both on the "form" as well as in follow up emails naming names she should contact here in Santa Cruz. She seemed quite interested so hopefully more people will chime in giving hard data, case #s, etc.

Wasn't Joseph having an extramarital affair as well when he was commish here?

George said...

I don't know anything about Joseph's private life. I remember him mentioning his wife in court once, but I don't know about any affair.

Anonymous said...

I saw his wife at a charity event here in town a few years ago, she looked rather shell-shocked.

Heard the rumor of his affair going on at that time from a local lawyer, apparently it was pretty common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

IS he always unfair towards men. Or is he equally unfair against women.