Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joseph being considered for judgeship

I am told that the California Judicial Nominees Evaluation Commission is considering an appointment of Irwin H. Joseph to a judgeship. Comments can be emailed before May 20 to the commission at I will submit my own, and post them here.

There is a whole web page on Joseph's crimes. I did not follow the details, but it tells the story of how Joseph personally set out to destroy Clive Frank Boustred.

Joseph once threatened to jail me for contempt of court for criticizing him on this blog.

Fellow angry dad Dan Brewington sits in an Indiana jail for conviction on 3 counts, one of which was that he suggested on his blog that readers send complaints about Judge James D. Humphrey to a state ethics adviser named Heidi Humphrey. Heidi turned out to be the judge's wife, and the Humphreys were spooked. Dan got screwed by a vindictive judge.

A second count against Dan Brewington was that he compared Judge Humphrey to a child abuser, because he was using prejudice to force kids to grow up without a dad. The court ruled that it was a felony in Indiana to make this accusation on his blog because it subjected the judge to ridicule when the judge was just doing his job.

I have also blogged that Joseph was like a child abuser. It is still legal for me to say that in California, as far as I know.

In spite of Dan's sad story, I believe that it is 100% legal to post this message. A state agency is considering Joseph for a state appointment, and is accepting comments from the general public. I believe that it would be irresponsible not to inform the commission about his incompetent and corrupt track record, and about what a terrible judge Joseph would be.

Update: The Commission says that it is better to send comments to the lead investigating commissioner, Lara Krieger.


TheSouthCountyKid said...

this guy needs to have his career as a judge/commissioner stalled permanently. The damage he did in Santa Cruz County is enormous. He was famous in the County Clerk's office for not bothering to read anything submitted. Even the former head of this county's family counselling services thinks he's incompetent. But he's the tip of the iceberg in terms of the whole American justice industry these days, it's not just family law anymore that's corrupt and incompetent.

Anonymous said...

"I am told..."? What kind of source is that? Surely no Californian Commission would be so idiotic as to consider this truculent bloviator for a judgeship! Put up or shut up. Supply a verifiable link to your "info" or prepare for disparagement as an unreliable journalist. I'm not sending my carefully reasoned analysis to some random email address which could be an alias for the Indiana office of the FBI.

George said...

Sorry, my source is confidential, and I do not have a link. My source could be bad, but I doubt it. I will send my comments, and I do not care if the FBI reads it. I am also posting it here on this blog for the whole world to read it.

The evaluation commission does solicit dozens of confidential reports on each candidate. If you prefer to use a veriifiable email address, you can send your report directly to addresses of the commission members.

Anonymous said...

I've already sent my comments to the commission, it's for real, alright.

They were very interested in what I had to say which isn't far off from George's experience.

Send 'em in folks, please.

South County Kid