Saturday, April 27, 2013

Six life terms for stunning a local cop

This is a followup to previous local crime story. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports:
Maurice Ainsworth was sentenced Thursday to more than six life terms in prison in a 2009 home invasion and a 2010 rampage in which he shot a sheriff's deputy with a stun gun and held a gun to the head of a preschool teacher. ...

Ainsworth had been in Santa Cruz County Jail in November 2010 awaiting trial in home invasion case when he escaped from a deputy during a trip to Dominican Hospital for an MRI.

He escaped from the deputy, stole her stun gun and shot her in the head with it, prosecutors said. Still wearing jail clothes, he then took her handgun and fled to a preschool on a nearby street. He broke in and demanded car keys from a preschool teacher at gunpoint. ...

Deputy Cathy Bramanti, the sheriff's deputy whom Ainsworth stunned and bit during the escape, told a local TV station that she appreciated that Ainsworth "at least acknowledged to me that he made a mistake."

She has not been able to return to work.
Six life terms? The real problem here is that a 6-foot-7 265-pund violent criminal with a fake shoulder injury was taken to get a govt-paid MRI by just one woman cop who is barely 5-foot-3 and 100 pounds. Reportedly she put up a tough fight, but she was no match for the task.

Bramanti has been off work for 2.5 years because a prisoner zapped her with a stun gun? Has she been collecting her salary in the meantime? I say that if someone is not tough enough to withstand a stun gun attack, then she is not fit to be moving prisoners around. And she should not be carrying a gun unless she can hang on to it.

Meanwhile, Jodi Arias killed her ex-boyfriend in a jealous rage, and attempted to destroy the evidence, and she may not get that stiff a sentence. The trial is supposed to finish next Friday. Her main hope is to bluff the jury with the sort of bogus psychology testimony that often works in the family court. She is going to call psychologist Robert Geffner to testify on Wednesday. His otherwise-unreviewed book just a couple of negative reviews on Amazon:
Please Dr. Geffner, please dont ruin your career over Jodi Arias, she isnt worth the $300 an hour you would receive for your testimony. Jodi has ruined enough lives, dont let her ruin yours too. Please, I beg you to think about this. I am a survivor of DV and I also have a Ph. D. in counseling. Im am in no way trying to intimidate you or tamper with you as a witness if you choose to testify, just tired of all the bad light cast on DV is setting back work done to help DV victims and survivors. So, please, THINK with your heart and not your pocket book. Not worthy of writing a book about or the 15 minutes of fame you'd receive.
There is no significant evidence that Arias was ever abused by anyone, or that her victim abused anyone. Nevertheless the DV experts have made careers out of over-exaggerating trivial events, and rationalizing bizarre female behavior. This trial is exposing the DV experts as charlatans.

This weekend's NY Times Magazine long story is titled The Mind of a Con Man:
Diederik Stapel, a Dutch social psychologist, perpetrated an audacious academic fraud by making up studies that told the world what it wanted to hear about human nature.
I mentioned Stapel before in 2011 and 2012.

The story here is not just that one professor got away with fraud for many years. It is that the whole academic field of psychology is based on leftoids telling each other what they want to hear about human nature. That is what I expect Geffner to do at the Jodi Arias trial next week, and I do not expect other psychologists to call him on his lies.

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Anonymous said...

I met Maurice Ainsworth, Jr. a couple of times as a volunteer jail visitor and contacted a family member on his behalf. My impression was that he saw himself as a sort of John Dillinger character, almost like one out of a comic book. Even though his crimes of home invasion, kidnapping, and escape sound outrageous and I'm sure his victims felt threatened and violated, Mr. Ainsworth did not seriously injure anyone. Many drunk drivers in this county have killed one or more people and devastated families, but typically only get 6 to 10 years. Mateo Marquis stabbed a 14-year-old to death at a beach bonfire and only got about 7 years. Maurice Ainsworth has been vilified in the press and treated to an exaggerated sentence by a court system which puts people in jail for sleeping. I can't say this publicly because I'm working on so many other unrelated local issues and don't want to be derogated and misunderstood.