Monday, March 04, 2013

Current bad stories

Here is news about anti-men laws and policies. From Wisconsin:
A Wisconsin man is going to have a tough time picking up women, unless he can woo them in three minutes or less.

A judge has ordered that as a condition of his probation, John Butler, 28, must tell women within three minutes of meeting them that he is a felon who owes child support. Butler pled no contest for failure to pay support and was given two years probation for the felony.

As we learned recently, Wisconsin had state Supreme Court precedent giving a green light to ban people on probation from having kids unless they can show that they can support them financially. Judge Eugene Harrington went a step further, imposing the no-procreating order on Butler but also taking measures to ensure he never has an opportunity to do more impregnating.
If you think that's fair, then maybe this girl ought to have to tell any man within 3 minutes that she one fabricated a rape charge:
A reported rape on the UC Santa Cruz campus that shocked a community already on edge has turned out to be a hoax, UCSC police said Thursday.

The attack was alleged to have occurred in broad daylight just after noon on Sunday, Feb. 17, just days after the shooting of a student as she waited for a bus.
The LA Times reports on extreme measures to harass convicts:
On a tiny sliver of land in Harbor Gateway, the city is beginning construction on what officials believe will be the smallest park in Los Angeles.

At one-fifth of an acre, the pocket park will barely have room for two jungle gyms, some benches and a brick wall.

But the enjoyment the park will give children is a secondary concern for officials. They are building the park for a different reason: to force 33 registered sex offenders to move out of a nearby apartment building.

State law prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a park or school. By building the park, officials said, they would effectively force the sex offenders to leave the neighborhood. This section of Harbor Gateway has one of the city's highest concentrations of registered sex offenders: 86 live in a 13-block area.
Keep in mind that some of these sex offenders have been convicted of only very minor crimes. ABC TV News reports:
A Louisiana man is suing a fertility clinic and an ex-girlfriend after the sperm bank handed over two vials of his sperm in a "paper lunch sack" to the woman who then conceived a child without his permission, his lawyer said.

Lawyer Cade Bernsen accuses Toby Devall of having "bluffed her way into getting the sperm" and created a baby without ex-boyfriend Layne Hardin's consent "purposefully out of vindictiveness and to punish him for breaking up with her."

Hardin also alleges that the sperm bank and an affiliated fertility clinic had an "utter lack of safeguards and protections," according to his lawyer.

Now Hardin could be asked to pay child support for the 2-year-old boy, despite never authorizing the use of his sperm or having met the child.
This should never happen.


Anonymous said...

Paul Elam, A Voice for Men- the biggest conjob in the MRA and disinfo agent

A short commentary on MRA leaders

The so called "Leaders" of the MRA area are lying to you all. They are telling you that governments make legislation that you HAVE to obey and that they can FORCE you to obey using the police FORCE. This is a lie. They know it is a lie. And they are telling you lies that they know are lies.

The TRUTH is that legislation is NOT LAW and you do not have to obey ANY legislation. Here are links to videos that go into this in detail. This is not a new idea. Many people KNOW that legislation is not law and have been telling you so for a long time.

The excuse offered is usually "well the guvment can hurt you if you do not obey" is just that. An excuse. The only reason that guvments do hurt men who do not obey is because men have TOLERATED these crimes and not formed new courts to put criminals in guvment on trial. Men only have themselves to blame.

George said...

No, it is not a lie. The government can and will force you to do things. Your links do not make much sense.

Anonymous said...

The guy who has to admit he's a felon who owes child support needs to do one of those PUA videos where he tests how a certain approach works. I bet he'll get all kinds of laid. Government branded bad boy.

Anonymous said...

seems to me that the lawsuit against the fertility clinic is fine and he ought to win a case as long as he didnt give her access to the sample.

he can probably sue her as well.

he can probably sue for custody if he wanted.

in NY, there would be a fraud charge against her and under federal law, the clinic is in clear violation of HIPPA.

George said...

Good points. It is hard to imagine the fertility clinic not double-checking and triple-checking that it has the consent of all parties.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the sociopaths that liter our justice system. Its all about control and power. This ruling has no real value and obviously this judge would have never imposed something on a, lets say the one I met tonight who was drinking at 2am on tuesday and has 4 kids to tell a man that within 3 minutes.

As far as MRAs telling lies boy they sure got the feminists groups in a tizzy right now. I've seen no such lies.

Anonymous said...

She should be ordered as a condition of probation not to procreate and to provide sex on demand to her spermed ex-lover -- within three minutes.

Anonymous said...

Santa Cruz D. A. Bob Lee opposed Prop 83:

Under Proposition 83, registered sex offenders would be restricted to a handful of residential parcels...

"There's not too many places in the city of Santa Cruz where they're going to be allowed to be," District Attorney Bob Lee said. "It's a major concern because these people have to live somewhere."
"I'm greatly concerned about them all going to rural areas because that's not fair," Lee said.