Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Witness against me

At a court hearing on March 25, my brought in witnesses to try to prove that I was unsafe with the kids. Her first witness was Maria Agnes M. My wife's lawyer questioned her:
Q. And do you know the party's children, Jenny and Mary?
A. Yes.
Q. And how do you know them?
A. We meet once a week in our play groups and we've had birthday parties together, our kids.
Q. Have you ever observed either of the children to be in a situation that you felt was unsafe?
A. About a year and a half ago my family and I were at Costco. We were, kind of, in a rush and I noticed two little girls out in front playing and I realized that they were Mary and Jenny. And I came up to them and I said, you know, "Is your mom with you?" And they indicated that my dad was with us and I looked around. I didn't see George anywhere. And so Jenny pointed to the tire center on the side and said he is in there. And I was in a rush and I just, kind of, glanced over and I didn't really see him and I told the girls to just they were kind of near the entrance where the cars are zipping by and I just told them to stay in that one area where the columns --
THE COURT: They were off the roadway; right?
THE WITNESS: Yeah. So I told them to just stay in that one area and they sat there and I left. We were in a rush.
Q. (BY MS. GRAY) What do you do for a living?
A. I'm a pediatric nurse at Dominican Hospital.
Q. Did you feel that the situation was dangerous enough that you needed to report it?
A. No, no. They sat in there place and I, kind of, watched over and there were other families walking by and so I thought they were pretty safe -- I mean, you know, I wouldn't have left my kids there but they seemed like they were going to stay in that area. ...
THE COURT: Did you look in the tire store?
THE WITNESS: No. I didn't have time.I had my kids with me and my husband was waving me, "Let's go." ...
So the kids were safe and in my plain sight. The witness was in a hurry and did not see me, but was satisfied that the kids were happy and safe. The kids could see me and they were waiting for me to complete a transaction at the store counter. If the witness had thought that it was child neglect or anything like that, she would have been obligated to report it.

This was just one example of my wife's crazy and silly accusations.

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