Saturday, June 25, 2005

VAWA 2005

Terry Lynn Tersak complains about Congress being about to pass VAWA 2005:
1) VAWA funds the progressive agenda which is anti-family and anti-fatherhood. The present structure also violates the Republican party's principles.

2) It must be taken out of the civil codes completely and moved into the criminal codes.

3) False Claims of abuse must be a treated as the crimes they are.

4) Due Process must be guaranteed for all.

5) Equal Protection Under the Law must be completely supported.

6) We must make it Gender neutral - something like, "The Domestic Violence Act" that should read, "A person who commits..." with no mention of gender. The funding for any act to replace VAWA must also be gender neutral.
I agree that VAWA has been a disaster, and should be allowed to expire. My wife used phony domestic violence allegations in an attempt to get custody. The local overfunded women's shelter provided her with an advocate. The whole operation is a big scam.

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