Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dissolution as to status only

I just got a proposed court order from my wife's lawyer. Besides 6 other pages of inaccuracies, it says:
Status Only Dissolution:
A. The Court finds there are irreconcilable differences leading to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, and orders a judgment of dissolution to issue as to status only.
She submitted this to the judge for signature, as part of a "Findings and Order After Hearing -- May 13, 2005".

If this is correct, then the judge has already dissolved our marriage. Or maybe it will be dissolved when the judge signs the order, I don't know. But what does "as to status only" mean? Am I married or not?

If I am out on a date, and a woman asks me if I am married, shall I say that am divorced as to status only?

I guess she wants to legitimatize her sleepovers with the boyfriend and continue to litigate child custody and support issue, but she would be doing that anyway.


George said...

You mean I'll be officially divorced as soon as the judge signs the order? Ok, that makes sense.

I still don't understand whether I need to sign anything to complete the dissolution. Earlier, my wife's lawyer implied that I did, but her draft order implies that I don't.

George said...

The court seems to want to decide custody, then money, and then divorce. But it doesn't really work that way. My wife wants money while the custody is pending, and she wants to sleep with her boyfriend without being an adulterer. It seems to me that the court should have dissolved the marriage a year ago.