Monday, June 06, 2005

Trying to finalize the divorce

I just got this letter from my wife's lawyer, Jennifer Gray:
At the recent hearing on May 13, 2005, Judge Kelly advised you that you are required to present a Declaration of Disclosure to the Petitioner, and further, that you file a Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure with the court. A filed copy of the Declaration Regarding Service should be provided to me for our file. I am enclosing the appropriate blank forms for your convenience in complying with the Court's instructions in this regard. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.
I was expecting her to request that I sign some sort of proof of service, in order to facilitate her dissolution of the marriage. Instead, she implies that I was ordered by the judge to sign certain documents. I don't remember the judge saying that, and I don't understand the purpose of the forms. I guess I'll have to wait for the judge's written order, but even that may not clarify anything.

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