Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kidnapping risk

Jennifer J. Gray's brief to the court rambles about an assortment of old issues, including this:
At one point during the hearing on March 25 , Father justified the described instance when the children became th separated from him at Toys R Us, and thus extremely frightened and upset, by stating: “... I will still be of the opinion that kids don’t get kidnapped at Toys R Us.” This would seem to imply that somewhere there is a list of places where young children DO get kidnapped, which is akin to asking what does a child molester look like. There is no answer.
This related to testimony from Jason Camera, a chemistry teacher at the local community college. He testified that he saw my daughter unattended for a couple of minutes in a Toys R Us store about 4 years ago. He said that he thought that it was dangerous because "anybody could walk off with the child, out of the store."

I was asked to testify about the risk of kidnapping in a Toys R Us store. I pointed out that there are millions of kids who go in and out of Toys R Us stores every month, and none has ever been kidnapped. Not one in the history of the Toys R Us corporation. So I assessed the kidnapping risk as being extremely low.

J. Gray thinks that this is all akin to asking what a child molester looks like. I think that divorce lawyers like herself are worse than child molesters. She is dishonest and malicious. She has made it clear that she will do anything to make my kids suffer if it makes money for herself. So far she has billed $40,000 for her legal work, and she has caused nothing but misery for the kids.

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