Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why I name names

An anonymous reader asks why I chose to expose some true identities and not others.

I do not use my real name or the real names of my kids because I do not wish to unnecessarily advertise our problems. My kids are innocent parties to this. I realize that there is enough info for someone to figure out who I am if he is sufficiently determined, but that is a consequence of life in our modern society.

There are other people who have voluntarily gone out of their way to support a public court process that defames and punishes me. Furthermore, they have done it with the knowledge that they are causing great cruelty to my kids.

For example, I mentioned the real name of the court-appointed psychologist, Bret K. Johnson. He is the most bigoted and malicious person that I have ever met in my life. He decided that he didn't like me for various reasons, and that he was going to break all the rules in order to inflict as much punishment as possible on me and the kids. He voluntarily chose to appear in public court to use his reputation against me.

Bret K. Johnson is a homosexual psychologist who has no understanding of marriage, women, or children. His professional specialty is helping gay men get out of the closet. He actively and publicly goes around ruining people's lives under color of judicial authority. He does not follow the applicable statutes, court precedents, professional ethics rules, social science research, or generally accepted custody evaluation guidelines. He is the legal equivalent of a child molester. To my kids, Johnson's cruelty is the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

I believe that it is my right and my duty as an American citizen to speak out against the wrongful acts of government officials. I think that I have been quite fair to Johnson as I have quoted him in his own words. He should be willing to stand behind his public testimony. In my opinion, what he is doing is legal child abuse, and I intend to keep saying so.

I would have very much preferred to stay out of court. As long as I am being publicly attacked, I intend to defend myself.

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