Monday, June 20, 2005

Rally of divorced dads

A reader sends this news from New Hampshire:
CONCORD — A group of about 40 divorced fathers and their supporters rallied at the State House plaza yesterday to bring call for better treatment from family courts.

Members of several groups representing fathers argued that courts are biased against them, and that the current family court system follows a double standard, harming both fathers and children. ...

Chase and others said they consider House Bill 529, which will be taken up by lawmakers in the fall, an important step in their bid to change the way custody cases are decided. The bill would establish a presumption that each parent has equal custody rights in a divorce case. It would require a court to find clear and convincing evidence of a need to issue a custody order that found otherwise.
The California Family Code says:
3010. (a) The mother of an unemancipated minor child and the father, if presumed to be the father under Section 7611, are equally entitled to the custody of the child.
But a lot of courts seem to ignore the law. We need some state to pass a very strong presumption, so people can see that it works.

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