Thursday, June 30, 2005

Complaining about financial documents

Ms. Gray's pleadings said:
On or about June 10, 2005, Respondent provided a box of paperwork to counsel for Petitioner. The paperwork included miscellaneous receipts, junk mail dated for the past several months, various statements from investment brokerages, and several 1099 forms for 2004. To illustrate the character of this so-called document production, photographs of the box of papers taken at the time of receipt of the box are attached as Exhibit “A”.

Counsel for Petitioner has been able to compile the various documents, exclusive of the plethora of junk mail, and acknowledges receipt of several bank statements and 1099 forms for 2004. However, without some kind of declaration by the Respondent as to the completeness of his document production, it cannot be known whether all documents responsive to the court’s order have actually been produced.
She demanded current financial documents, so I took everything since the last request, put them in a box, and gave them to her. I'm not sure what the junk mail was, but it might have included credit card solicitations or something like that. I gave her everything, and I don't know why she would claim that anything is missing.

The curious thing is the pictures of box of documents, shown below. She photographed the box and attached the pictures as an exhibit. Why? Did she think that the judge needed to know what a box of documents looks like? Was the judge going to somehow make a ruling based on the looks of the box?

I wonder when I'll get the documents back.

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