Friday, March 18, 2005

Wearing pajamas

Michael Jackson got away with wearing pajamas to court. According to this Boston Globe story, the practice is more common than I realized:
Passing off pajamas as an acceptable outfit is not a new concept, especially to college women, who for decades have perfected the art of rolling out of bed and heading to class. They might know better when it comes to court appearances, but Howe manages to wear her pajama bottoms almost everywhere she goes -- to eat, to run errands, not just for early-morning classes.

''Mine aren't that bad. They're black, dark colors. But my roommate's, hers are obviously pajamas with little designs on them," she said of Brittany Wallace. ''She doesn't care."

Nicole Schiffer, 21, a Boston University senior, said that throughout her college years she has grown accustomed to a campus full of pajama bottoms. The relaxed look has actually evolved, she explained. There is now pajama couture.
If I wear a coat and tie to court, I get people in the hallway trying to hire me as a lawyer. Wearing pajamas should solve that problem.

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