Saturday, March 19, 2005

The missing father in Hollywood movies

Ebert and Roeper reviewed Ice Princess on their tv show today, and said:
Roeper: Neither [mom] has a husband. Neither of the kids ever mentions a dad. ...

Ebert: ... The problem with the missing father is epidemic in Hollywood movies.

Roeper: But there are two missing dads here!

Ebert: We are just as happy that they are not there because if there is a father usually he is either a meanie, a child abuser, an authoritarian, or some sort of a monster.

Roeper: I know, but Roger ...

Ebert: Hollywood has a great deal of trouble giving us a positive portrait of a father.

Roeper: I understand, but usually there is a scene where the little skater will
like pick up a photo and [say] "I miss dad".
I think that it is weird to have a feel-good story about young skating stars, and not have fathers in the picture.

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