Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Atlanta judge killer may not have raped anyone

We may never know the full story about Brian Nichols, the Atlanta judge killer. He deserves the death penalty, and will probably get it, for going crazy in the court. But I wonder what drove him over the edge.

Nichols was being tried for raping his girlfriend, and the news reports all implied that he was guilty and headed for prison. But he was tried before, and got a hung jury. I just saw Jack Liles, the jury foreman, on Fox News. He said that the jury deadlocked on a 8-4 vote. He said that the case was pretty much just a case of her word against his word, and in his opinion there was no proof at all.

I am suspicious about these girlfriend rape cases. It is much too easy for a vindictive girlfriend to send a man to prison. Maybe Nichols saw his life being ruined by false charges.

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