Sunday, March 13, 2005

Parent coaches

This NY Times article describes a new trend where parents hire coaches to help them cope with various problems. It is cheaper that psychotherapy, but the psychologists don't like it.
But those relationships are rare. And some psychologists and child development experts are skeptical.

"These guys are really risking giving bad advice, even though it may well be well intended," said Dr. Mark W. Roberts, a psychologist and director of clinical training at Idaho State University. He added, "Any time you try to do therapy on the phone it can easily blow up in your face." Dr. Kazdin of Yale said: "If parent coaches are here to comfort and support parents, that's wonderful, as long as they don't think they're doing more. If you really need to change a child in any way, this is not going to do that."
If this catches on, then I expect that family court judges will soon be ordering fathers to hire coaches.

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Iguana said...

No doubt you are right. These "coaches" will probably start lobbying the DV industry and divorce industry to get use of their services mandated.