Friday, March 04, 2005

No settlement in sight

My wife and I appeared in court again, and the judge tried to get us to settle. My wife is completely intransigent.

I made an appointment for a co-parenting session with my wife. It will probably be a waste of time, but I am spending $140 in the hope that it will do some good.

The judge scheduled a hearing on safety issues on March 25. Yes, that is Good Friday. I guess it is not a court holiday. The judge judge apparently thinks that the most substantial charges against me involve safety, and that resolving them could resolve the whole case.

I am still not sure what my wife thinks that she has to gain by this hearing. Every single preventable accident or medical problem with the kids has occurred on her watch, not mine. Her claims against me are things like taking the kids roller skating. Roller skating is a safe and worthwhile activity.

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Iguana said...

Hang in there! There is a growing chorus of men that are going to change the abuses in family courts.