Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jane Fonda on Ted Turner Divorce

Drudge reports on Jane Fonda's new autobiography:
Fonda tells TIME: "I was 62 years old and I made a deal with myself that I was not going to live my third act with regrets. So I came to a point that was utterly terrifying. I told the man I loved, the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, that changes needed to be made. It doesn't matter what they were. What matters is it took me so long to break the silence," she tells TIME.

Fonda insists that what the public saw in her divorce from Ted Turner was not the confused end of yet another phase, but the assertive debut of her complete feminist self, a project that had been quietly flourishing while the marriage deteriorated, TIME reports.
She was probably happiest in her first marriage, when she did whatever her husband wanted.

To become her complete feminist self, she had to give Ted Turner an ultimatum with a set of demands that he change, and then walk out on the marriage. She's probably right. Now I hope someone will tell me how to tell whether a woman is itching to become her complete feminist self, so I can make sure I am not around when it happens.

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