Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Divorce takes husbands by surprise

News from Australia:
More men than women say they are surprised when their marriages end, according to a new report on household dynamics, suggesting women are the ones instigating separations.

Of people who married in 2002 and then separated or divorced, 55 per cent of men but only 38 per cent of women reported relatively high levels of relationship satisfaction during the year.

"Presumably, for many of these individuals, the marriage break-up was a shock," the report released yesterday suggested.

"Note also that it is men who are much more likely to be surprised. This almost certainly reflects the fact ... that it is women who are more likely to initiate marital separations."
In the USA, the large majority of divorces are initiated by women. Even in ordinary dating relationships, it is usually the girl who terminates it.

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