Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Something is rotten in Rotterham

Is is possible that the English equivalent of CPS ignore Pakistani Moslem immigrants raping teenaged white girls because it would have been racist to do something? Hard to believe, but that is widely reported:
A story of rampant child abuse—ignored and abetted by the police — is emerging out of the British town of Rotherham. Until now, its scale and scope would have been inconceivable in a civilized country. Its origins, however, lie in something quite ordinary: what one Labour MP called “not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat.”
CH writes:
There are two camps of thinking. One says Rotherham is the logical outcome of extreme white ethnomasochism, which is itself a manifestation of pathological altruism, a reflexive mental condition that evolved over millennia of outbreeding. In this take, self-loathing, holier-than-thou whites in positions of power (and less powerful whites refusing to demand accountability from their leaders) are so wedded to their equalist ideology that they will allow the rapes of 1,400 white women and girls by brown skinned goatherders to continue ad infinitum until they are called to the carpet by the preponderance of evidence (and by samizdat rebels releasing uncomfortable facts). ...

The second theory is that the anti-white elite whites aren’t at all ethnomasochists, but are instead a burgeoning new (or orthogonally ancient) race of whites — and here I use the term race in its figurative as well as genetic senses — who don’t perceive themselves at all as part of a broader white identity that must be preserved against barbarian attack. ...

Which theory is true, or more true, is debatable. What isn’t is that these traitors need to swing from the gallows soon, before their sickness infects us all and dooms us to extinction. ...

Events in Rotherham are the entirely predictable result of two policies which have been the milk and honey of the left for 40 years:

1 – Unfettered immigration, favouring people from the most backward, ingrate cultures on this Earth, coupled with…
2 – The destruction of the traditional white family unit, to be replaced by the achingly clumsy machinery of the state as primary carer to children (and child like adults).
Someday historians are going to ask: Who thought that it was a good idea to import millions of Moslem immigrants?

While the British CPS allows abuse when it does not want to appear racist, they are over-aggressive against parents who want to make their own decisions. The LA Times reports:
The parents of a cancer-stricken boy were behind bars in Spain and facing extradition to Britain on Monday after taking their son from an English hospital without doctors’ consent to seek advanced medical treatment abroad.

Ashya King, 5, was diagnosed with brain cancer this year and underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor, a medulloblastoma. His father, Brett King, says he was unhappy with the follow-up radiation and chemotherapy that British doctors prescribed.

In a YouTube video, Brett King, Ashya's father, says that he took his son to Spain for an innovative treatment known as proton beam therapy.

King and his wife, Naghmeh, took their son from Southampton General Hospital on Thursday, sparking an international search for the family. The Hampshire police obtained a European arrest warrant for the couple on the grounds of child neglect. The Kings were arrested in Malaga, Spain, on Sunday.

Afterward, a video was posted to YouTube in which Brett King explains that he’d taken Ashya to receive an innovative treatment known as proton beam therapy, which Britain’s National Health Service, or NHS, provides only for eye cancers.
Britain is ahead of us in terms of nanny state policies and socialized medicine. Soon Obamacare regulations will decide what medical care your kid should have, and it will be child abuse for parents to use their own judgment.

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You could be right that the charges are exaggerated or sensationalized.